What is the Mechanical structure of laser machine Sep 30, 2021

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What is the Mechanical structure of laser machine

    The mechanical structure of the laser machine consists of the machie body, working platform, guide rail slider, belt (or lead screw or rack gear), transmission shaft, etc.


1. Classification and function of guide rail slider: ball linear square rail, roller linear guide. For linear reciprocating motion, high-precision linear motion can be achieved under high load conditions.

   Ball linear square rail: slow speed and high precision.



 Roller linear guide: namely outer slide rail, inner slide rail. The speed is fast and the accuracy is slightly lower.


2. Belt: The gap and elasticity have lower accuracy and shorter service life. Belt drive, stable transmission.


3. Lead screw: It is divided into ordinary screw and ball screw. Among them, the ball screw has the highest precision and the price is more expensive, while the ordinary screw is relatively low in accuracy and cheap. 


   The application of the screw is to transform the rotary motion into linear motion through the nut. The screw drive has good rigidity, can transmit large torque, and the position is accurate.

  Advantages and disadvantages of single screw and double screw:

  Single screw: easy installation and maintenance, low cost. However, the stress point is not well designed, and the torsion moment is easily generated during operation, which affects the accuracy of the machine tool.

  Double screw: Reduce or eliminate the influence of bad torque on the machine's operating accuracy. Because two screws are stressed at the same time, the load on a single screw is reduced, which is beneficial to improve the running speed and service life of the machine.

4. Gear Rack: It is widely used in some large engraving machines, which requires relatively low precision, but is fast and powerful.



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