Jinjiang Boming Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd.is a laser processing equipment manufacturer which specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing and offering after-service of laser machine, providing laser machine, service and customized solutions in the industrial circle of whole world, achieving the customers’ potential grow and creating the long term value continuously for the customers.

Our company develops multiple series of laser engraving and cutting machine, providing the customers a complete set of perfect solutions of laser processing equipment. The customers can choose the suitable processing area and laser capacity to engrave and cut the non-mental materials, such as in the industries of shoes, wood ware and cloth. we are well praised for our strong function, reasonable price, excellent stability and wonderful after-sale service.

We are an earlier company in Asia which uses USB cable, network cable and U-disk to transmit data in laser machine which is equipped with internal large capacity storage unit. We adopt international advanced DSP control technology, initiate the industry-leading function of continuous rapid curve cutting and minimum machining path optimization, the laser machine can cut and engrave at the light speed of less than 0.2 and automatically compensate light attenuation during the engraving process to ensure that the cutting effects are consistent in different areas; at the same time, the fast cutting function can improve the work efficiency greatly.

Our latest software can work with all kinds of graph processing software, such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, AI, etc. The function of directly outputting original picture is more suitable for the requirements of the customers’ site design. The advanced color management supports various colors. The software has the function of defining engraving orders freely, easily supporting the full or part output of the image.


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