Introduction of co2 laser cutting engraving machine Sep 23, 2021

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Introduction of co2 laser cutting engraving machine

    The co2 laser cutter is widely used in many industries, it can cut and engrave the non metal materials. It has greatly promoted the development of the industry, improved production efficiency, and made a great contribution to economic development . So what is the co2 laser cutting machine?

    1. co2 laser tube.

     The carbon dioxide laser is a gas molecular laser, the working material is CO2 gas, and the auxiliary gases include nitrogen, helium, xenon and hydrogen. Since the energy conversion efficiency of this laser is as high as 25%, it is often used as a high-power laser. The wavelength of the carbon dioxide laser is 10.6 microns. It is impossible to see infrared light, with good stability, and is widely used.


    2. Working principle and characteristics

     The discharge tube of the CO2 laser is filled with mixed gases such as CO2, N2, and He. The ratio and total pressure can be changed within a certain range (generally: CO2: N2: He=1:0.5:2.5 total pressure is 1066.58pa) .There are three different forms of motion for any molecule. One is the movement of electrons in the molecule, which determines the electronic energy state, and the other is the vibration of the atoms in the molecule, that is, the atoms vibrate periodically around their equilibrium position. It determines the vibrational energy state of the molecule. The third is the rotation of the molecule, which determines the rotational energy state of the molecule. The CO2 laser uses the transition between the vibration and the rotation energy level of the CO2 molecule to generate laser light.

    3.Suitable material

     Wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tiles, crystal, jade, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials.

    High-power carbon dioxide laser machines can also cut metal materials working with Oxygen.

    4.Applicable industry

    It is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery product, electronic appliances, models, handicrafts, advertising and decoration product, packaging and printing product, paper products and other industries.

    5.Laser machine type

    According to different configuration, the laser machine has many different models, such as, Top camera laser cutting machine, Small CCD camera laesr cut machine, projector postion laser cutter machine, Auto feeding laser cutter, Universal laser cutting machine, Mixed cutting laser machine, etc.

    The customers need to choose the suitble laser cutting machine accoring to their work, such what materials they want to cut, what working area they need, what laser capactiy they need, etc. Only giving right information, they can buy the suitable laser machines.

     6.  Macine pictures.

garment top camera laser cutting machine

laser painting cutting machine

4 head laser cut machine

projector laser cutter


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