What is the photoelectric system of the laser cutting machine? Oct 11, 2021

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       What is the photoelectric system of the laser cutting machine

    The photoelectric system of the laser cutting machine is composed of a laser tube, an optical mirror, a focusing mirror, a laser power supply and a power distribution cabinet.

1. Laser tube: Divided into CO2 glass tube, CO2 radio frequency tube, optical fiber, YAG, semiconductor.

CO2 laser tube: Mainly used for engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials. It is usually made of hard glass and generally adopts a layered sleeve structure. The innermost layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is the water-cooled casing tube, and the outermost layer is the gas storage tube (the glass tube we use now).


CO2 radio frequency tube: mainly used in non-metallic materials. Compared with CO2 glass tube, the service life can reach about 20,000 hours, while the service life of ordinary glass tube is 4000-6000 hours, and the service life of Tottenham tube is 10,000 hours. The spot of the radio frequency tube is only 0.07mm, the heating area is small and the carving is more precise. The light spot of the glass tube is 0.25MM.

Low-power optical fibers, YAG, and semiconductors (for example: 10W, 20W, 50W) are often used in laser marking machines because of their smaller light spots and higher accuracy.

High-power optical fiber and YAG (such as 200W, 400W, 500W) are used in metal laser cutting machines.

Laser working principle: glass tube: the laser power output is 10,000V or higher. The high-voltage excitation laser tube emits the laser beam and then is reflected by the first, second, and third optical mirrors to the focusing mirror and then focused on the object to be processed. The radio frequency tube only needs 30V direct current to generate laser light.

Commonly used focusing lens specifications are: 50.8, 63.5, 75, 100. The smaller the specification, the smaller the focus point, which means that the laser line is thinner.

The small focusing lens is suitable for fine engraving and cutting of thinner materials. The large focusing lens is suitable for ordinary engraving and the cutting of thick and thin materials.


2. Composition of power distribution cabinet/box: driver, 36V switching power supply, 24V+5V two-in-one switching power supply, filter, etc.


    The function of the filter: it can improve the anti-interference of the product and block the influence of the dirty power supply on the equipment.

    36V switching power supply: power supply for the driver.


    24V switch power supply: 24V powers the main board.


    Drive: Drive the motor to make the machine move.


   Control system: most commonly used control systems are: Ruida、Trocen、Taizhi and Zhiyuan, etc.

3. Computer software: Edit work files and transfer work data to the main board. 

   The file formats supported by the software are: DXF, PLT, AI, BMP, etc.

    Main board: Store working files and issue instructions to make the machine work according to the instructions.

    Control panel: used to manually control the movement of the machine, the start, pause and stop of work.


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