• What is the difference between flying laser marking machine and static laser marking machine
    Sep 27, 2022 What is the difference between flying laser marking machine and static laser marking machine
    What is the difference between flying laser marking machine and static laser marking machine    The online flying laser marking machine basically covers the entire application range of the static marking machine, that is, online coding and marking on the surface of various products or the surface of the outer packaging. Online flying laser marking is no longer simply marking the product date and batch number, which is very different from the traditional laser marking machine that can only mark stationary objects.    During the marking process of the online flying laser mark machine, the products moves continuously on the conveyor, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the laser marking machine meet the requirements of industrial production.    It has the following advantages:    1) It has unique visual and tactile effects and can never be wiped off;    2) It has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling characteristics;    3) Meet the diverse needs of marking and engraving, automated production, assembly line production, and the needs of unconventional interface materials.    So what is the difference between fly laser marker machine and static laser marking machine?     The flying laser marking machine works with the conveyor and cooperates with industrial automation. The workpiece moves under the galvanometer, and the machine automatically completes the marking in a short time, which is a manifestation of automation.    The static laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode, manual loading and unloading, placing the workpiece on the working platform, and manual unloading after marking.    The flying laser marking machine has strong text arrangement and graphics processing functions, and can automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers. The pluggable intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation equipment and sensors, and the software functions can be flexibly modified according to specific situations.    The online flying laser marking machine will be more useful in the future. Flying dynamic marking means that there is no work surface, and a more flexible method can be used to mark the product surface in 360 degrees without limitation, or it can be assembled on the conveyor and rotated with the crawler to achieve product marking.    The main difference between online marking and static marking in product structure lies in the difference of core components, such as laser, galvanometer, and control software. In short, the laser needs to work more efficiently, the speed of the galvanometer should be faster, the control software needs to be more comprehensive, and the hardware configuration of the flying laser marking machine is higher than that of the stationary laser marking.
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  • Which industries are suitable for using laser welding machine?
    Sep 20, 2022 Which industries are suitable for using laser welding machine?
    Which industries are suitable for using laser welding machine?    At present, laser welding machine has penetrated deep into our lives, and its application has become more and more extensive. Especially in many industries, it gradually replaces traditional welding methods.    The industries involved in the application of laser welding machines are as follows:    1. Sanitary ware industry: Welding of water pipe joints, reducing joints, tees, valves and showers.    2. Glasses industry: precision welding of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials on the buckle position, outer frame and other positions of glasses.   3.  Hardware industry: Welding of complex stamping and casting parts such as impellers, kettles, handles, etc.   4.  Automotive industry: engine cylinder gasket and hydraulic tappet seal welding, spark plug welding, filter welding, etc.   5.  Medical industry: welding of stainless steel seals and structural parts on medical devices and medical tools.  6.  Electronics industry: solid state relay sealing and breaking welding, welding of connectors, welding of metal casings and structural parts such as mobile phones and MP3. Welding of motor housing and wiring, welding of fiber optic connector joints, etc.   7. Household hardware, kitchenware, bathroom, stainless steel door handles, electronic components, sensors, clocks, precision machinery, communications, handicrafts and other industries, automotive hydraulic tappets and other industries with high strength products welding.    Almost all of these industries use laser welding equipment. The advantages of laser welding machines are energy concentration, no pollution, small solder joints, wide range of weldable materials, high applicability, high efficiency and high speed welding, etc.    At the same time, products with the following requirements are also suitable for laser welding.    1. Products that have requirements for welds    Welding with laser welding equipment not only has a small seam, but also requires no solder.    2. Products with high automation    In this case, the welding of the laser welding equipment can be programmed manually, and the path is automatic.    3. Products at room temperature or under special conditions    It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the laser welding equipment is easy to install. For example, when the laser passes through the electromagnetic field, the beam will not be deflected; the laser can be welded in vacuum, air and a certain gas environment, and can be welded through glass or materials that are transparent to the beam.    4. Some inaccessible parts need to use laser welding equipmentIt can weld hard-to-reach parts and implement non-contact remote welding with great sensitivity. Especially in recent years, opt...
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  • How to choose a laser cutting machine?
    Sep 14, 2022 How to choose a laser cutting machine?
    How to choose a laser cutting machine?    There are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines in the current market. Different manufacturers have different experience and qualifications in the industry. There are also many middlemen who do not have production and transfer goods around, so that the customer's after-sales quality cannot be guaranteed. So how to choose a laser cutting machine?    1. The first thing to consider is the material of the product. In the current market, it is generally divided into two types: metal materials and non-metal materials. When purchasing a machine, the machine should be purchased according to the cutting material. According to different material requirements, there are two models : CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. The CO2 laser cutter machine is mainly used to cut non-metallic materials with a wavelength of about 10600nm. The fiber laser cut machine is mainly used in the metal industry, and the wavelength of the fiber is between 1060~1070nm.    2. Proofing. Proofing is very important, so you need to find a professional to make on-site proofing.    When proofing, it is mainly necessary to see the smooth surface of the cutting surface and whether there are burrs on the cutting surface; the laser cutting machine has some burrs when cutting, which is mainly determined by the cutting thickness and the use of gas. Nitrogen is the best, oxygen is the second, and air is the worst. Fiber laser cutters have minimal or no burrs, very smooth cutting surfaces, and fast speeds.    After the cutting is completed, it mainly depends on whether the material is deformed. In comparison, a good laser cutting machine has very little deformation of the material.    3. Look at the core components    The core parts of laser cutting are mainly laser tube and laser heads. The general difference is imported tube or domestic tube. Imported lasers generally use more IPGs, and domestic ones are generally more of Raycus. At the same time, also pay attention to other accessories of the laser cutting machine, such as motor, guide rail, bed and so on.    4. Look at the manufacturer and after-sales    Any piece of equipment will be damaged to varying degrees during use, which is unavoidable. So how to repair after damage, the cost of maintenance is also very important. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to understand the after-sales service of the enterprise through various channels, such as whether the maintenance fee is reasonable and so on.
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  • Boming laser loading 2*40HQ container laser cutter machine for Ecaudor customer
    Sep 06, 2022 Boming laser loading 2*40HQ container laser cutter machine for Ecaudor customer
     Boming laser loading 2*40HQ container laser cutter machine for Ecaudor customer Thanks for Vinetnam customer's trust for buying 2 40HQ container's*24 sets  1680 auto separate head laser cutting machine.     It is our New customer. They searched and talked with many laser machine suppliers. After communicating with us to get the professtional advice, they decided to buy 2 40HQ containers for their new factory. We customize the color accroding to your requirement. They also buy many spare parts for laser cutting machine. We here wish they have good business in the future.        Boming laser always offers high quatliy laser cutting machine, laser marking machine to the customer from all over the world and gain their good comments about the laser machine.
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  • What should be paid attention to chiller of laser cutting machine?
    Aug 29, 2022 What should be paid attention to chiller of laser cutting machine?
    What should be paid attention to chiller of laser cutting machine?    What is the appropriate temperature for the chiller of the laser cutting machine? Normally, the temperature setting range is 10~35℃.    The laser cutting machine chiller is a necessary cooling device for the laser cutting machine. Its use can ensure the stable and continuous normal operation of the laser cutting machine at a constant temperature. The ambient temperature of the laser cutting machine chiller for normal use should be controlled at about 20~30°C, and should not exceed 40°C. If it is operated at a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius, it is likely to be overloaded, and the condenser and exhaust temperatures of the refrigeration system will rise, which may also cause the electrical protector to act, cut off the power supply, and affect the service life of the laser chiller.     When using, Pay attention to keep the air passage of the laser chiller unobstructed, and Do not block the front air inlet and rear air outlet.
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  • What are the advantages of leather laser cutting machine
    Aug 20, 2022 What are the advantages of leather laser cutting machine
    What are the advantages of leather laser cutting machine    The leather laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of leather, synthetic leather, mixed materials, sponge, sponge leather, mixed leather and other materials. The use of excellent leather layout and automatic cutting machine is of great significance to improve the utilization efficiency of leather and reduce production costs.Advantages of leather cutting machine:1. The machine body adopts an integral electric welding iron frame to ensure that the whole body is not deformed, with good bending rigidity and high tensile strength.2. The guide rail adopts imported Hanweiya/Hiwin big brand, large load capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.3. The drive motor adopts DC servo motor/half servo motor/Stepping moter, with high precision, faster speed and more stable operation.4. Special automatic laser control system, the operation process is convenient, fast and simple, which can make full use of the development potential of the motor, carry out rapid processing, the curves and lines are synchronized, and the trend diagram is more perfect.5. The honeycomb table and auto feeding chain can effectively suck materials of different sizes and models tightly, and the adsorption is super strong.6. The processed products do not burn the edges, the edges do not fade, it is not easy to cause peculiar smell, and the ecological environment protection meets the requirements of China.7. Diversified materials can be processed, such as leather, sponge mixed leather, XPE, microfiber cloth, plastic, silicone material, silk ring foot pad, EVA and other materials can be processed.
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  • Laser cleaning machine, a great tool for rust removal and cleaning in the shipbuilding industry
    Aug 15, 2022 Laser cleaning machine, a great tool for rust removal and cleaning in the shipbuilding industry
    Laser cleaning machine-- a great tool for rust removal and cleaning in the shipbuilding industry    As we all know, metal products are easy to rust in long-term use, and metal products are indispensable main materials in the fields of automobiles, transportation, aerospace and so on. Every year, all walks of life have to face the metal aging, corrosion, rust and other conditions, especially in the shipbuilding industry. Ships are more prone to corrosion and aging due to long-term exposure to water. Regular cleaning of rust and contaminants on the surface of workpieces used in ships has always been an important part of ship manufacturing and maintenance. Good ship cleaning is not only an important guarantee for the high-quality manufacturing process of the ship, but also very important for the safe operation of the ship and prolonging the service life of the ship. The traditional method is to use sandblasting technology for treatment. In recent years, the advantages of ship laser cleaning technology have gradually become prominent. The editor will introduce to you today the equipment for ship laser cleaning - laser cleaning machine.    Laser cleaning machine, also known as laser descaling machine, is a laser equipment that uses a high-energy-density laser beam for processing. Laser cleaning is an efficient and high-quality craft for ship cleaning. Laser cleaning is conducive to improving the quality of subsequent spraying, welding and other processes, and has the advantages of convenient operation, good localization, and environmental protection. The ship laser cleaning technology is easy to realize the automation, integration and intelligent cleaning of the paint removal device.    Comparison between traditional ship cleaning process and laser process:    The traditional ship cleaning technology mainly relies on manual sandblasting, grinding, high-pressure water washing, and chemical cleaning.     Ship laser cleaning is an advanced new industrial cleaning technology which uses high-energy pulsed laser to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned to make the rust, paint and substrates on the surface of the workpiece absorb the pulsed laser in a short time, so that a series of complex changes such as vibration, melting and gasification occur in the interior and the contamination layer can be quickly separated from the surface of the substrate to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.    Compared with traditional cleaning technology, the advantages of ship laser cleaning are as follows:(1) Non-contact cleaning method, no mechanical pressure, will not cause damage to the workpiece;(2) Hand-held operation mode, high flexibility, adjustable spot size, can adapt to the fine cleaning of complex plane or curved workpieces;(3) The cleaning process is highly controllable and meets the cleaning needs of various types of pollutants;(4) Laser cleaning has a certain surface modificat...
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  • How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine
    Aug 06, 2022 How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine
    How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine    When companies purchase fiber laser marking machines, they are very concerned about the marking speed of the equipment, because this is directly related to the output of the order. So, what factors will affect the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?    There are two main reasons that affect the marking speed of the fiber laser marking machine, one is internal factors, mainly the equipment itself, and the other is the processing workpiece.    The reasons for the equipment itself are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, auxiliary gas and substances during processing. Customers should take this into consideration when purchasing fiber laser marking machines, and select models according to the recommendations of professional engineers.    Another reason is mainly the laser spot size, marking format, marking density and marking depth during processing.    Laser spot size: The smaller the spot, the smaller the marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed.    Marking depth: According to the requirements, if the marking depth needs to be deepened, the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine need to be adjusted, for example, the power and current of the fiber laser marking machine should be increased. Therefore, the marking speed will be affected during these processes.
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