Laser tube brand for Reci,Tianyi,Sun-up,SPT,CDWG,EFR Oct 16, 2021

Brand advantages - 

Quality of RECI laser tube
We produce strictly according to ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, Most of our products have CE Certification.

Service of laser tubes price
Working lifeof carbon dioxide laser glass tube longlife CO2 laser tube is10000 hours, warranty time is 180 days. For international customer we provide professional technology support on all our products by email within 24 hours Skype online. Any problems about product, we will provide the step by step instruction for you.
Shipping of SPT laser tubes 
With professional packing skills to avoid the breakage, we have posted carbon dioxide stable 80w power co2 laser tube to worldwide customs safely, including USA, European countries, Eastern Europe, South America, and Middle East, etc

Cleaning tips of sun-up laser tube

Please do not use cotton swabs or other wipes to scrub the transmitting mirror on the Co2 laser tube. Doing so affects the output power.
The specified cleaning method for the transmitting mirror is as follows
1. When the lens is stained, turn off the laser tube.
2. Use an air blower to blow away dust and dirt on the lens.
3. Use a syringe to spray ethanol on the lens.
4. After the ethanol evaporates, turn the laser tube back on.
5. If the above methods do not work effectively, professionals are required, who will use a cotton swab dipped in ethanol to clean the lens in a rotating fashion away from the center, outwards to the edge.The best method is to protect the windows from contamination.

Special Notice               

1. Do not use acetone to clean the glass.
2. Do not move the two fastening screws on both ends of the laser tube, otherwise, the output power will decrease, and the laser tube will be scraped.
3. When testing the light spot on organic glass, please keep the organic glass 300mm away from the transmitting mirror.
Safety: As the C02 glass laser device generates invisible light, please wear eye protection gear when operating. A safety sign for high voltage is marked on the positive pole.

We also supply Reflective Mirror, laser power supply, laser tubes for CO2 laser machine. 

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