Hot sale machine for autofeed panoramic camera laser cutter Oct 23, 2021

Autofeed panoramic camera laser cutter is our hot sale machine in this year.It with big camera on top, suitable for cutting the printed fabric pattern, embroidered textile, cloth. Without making drawing in advance. After scanning the pattern, the pattern can be transfered into computer automatically.

Features: of printed pattern Panoramic camera laser cutting machine

1、We use high definition camera which effective pixels is 24.1 mega to achieve high precision imaging (The higher pixels are continuously updated).

2、The effective working area is several times compared the former laser machine but  maintaining the same accuracy.

3、The oversize image can solve the problem of error and image degradation caused by mosaic image.

4、Cutting by positioning is suitable for multiple templates.

5、 The tracing-edge cutting can solve the problem of materials deformation、 stretch etc.,saving raw materials.

6、Template cutting and tracing-edge cutting both achieve cutting of continuous feeding, cutting one template by identifying one template.

7、All the object contours found by camera can be shown in the corresponding image to determine the precision easily and intuitively.

8、The laser machine has better man-machine interaction, for the object contours found one time,  it can modify partly and integrally then process.

Software advantages:of camera laser cutting machine

1) Software comes with memory option. Machine can work offline without computer. 

2) Designs can be sent to machine with one step function.  

3) Most kind of design format can be accepted.  

4) Machine can be accessed and operated directly from CorelDRAW software. 

5) Software has powerful auto backup function. 

Applicable Industries: 

s: ofd pattern laser cutting machine

Suitable for the precision cutting of pattern in the industries such as print fabric、all kinds of embroidery、Rapier woven、 labels、irregular trademark、garment、printing, etc.


Applicable Materials:

All printed pattern, such as printed fabric、embroidered textile、leather、cloth、woolen、woven label、trademark, etc.

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