New machine Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine Nov 20, 2021

   Recently we develop one new fuction machine,it  can cut white cloth or leather without yellowing the edges,it is Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine


It can be used for cutting leather and other flexible materials. Composite leather is the best. 

It is 4-6 times of the traditional manual cutting speed. It can realize fast blanking, rapid discharging and rapid production, especially for customers with small order quantity, many styles and short delivery time.

Major functionof cnc router oscillating knife cutting machine

1、Vibration knife cutting function: it can cut different materials (corrugated paper, cardboard, plywood, gray board paper, composite materials, gasket, leather and cloth, etc.).

2、Crimping line function: It can fold a perfect line on corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber sheet and other materials.

3、Cut dotted line function: it is used to fold and cut the dotted line after half cutting corrugated paper and gray cardboard.

4、Positioning function: accurate positioning with laser lamp.

5、Drawing function: it can draw all kinds of high precision patterns.

6、Line drawing, drawing, text marking, indentation, half cutting, full cutting, one-time completion.

Applicable Industries: of cnc oscillating knife cutter

It is widely used in shoe making industry, clothing industry, composite material, luggage industry, automobile industry, advertisement printing industry, electronic industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, packaging enterprise, corrugated box factory, carton factory, color printing factory, etc.


Applicable Materials: of oscillating knife cutting machine

The machine has three function heads: vibration cutting head, crimping line wheel and drawing pen. It can cut honeycomb paperboard, acrylic board, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated board, gray board, white cardboard, film, composite material, leather material, cloth, rubber plate, pearl cotton, aluminum plastic board, foam KT board and other materials.

    Our customer had bought 3 sets Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine.

    Boming laser always develops and offers high quatliy laser cutting machine, laser marking machine to the customer from all over the world and gain their good comments about the laser machine.

cnc oscillating knife cutter

cnc router oscillating knife cutting machine

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