New machine for Galvo co2 laser cutting marking 2 in 1 machine Aug 26, 2021

   Recently we develop one new fuction machine,it have laser cuting and marking fuaction,it is Galvo co2 laser cutting marking 2 in 1 machine

    It is with glass tube and galvo head,  combined the advance of laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. It has the laser cutting machine's big working area and laser marking machine's perfect marking effect. Suitable for marking and engraving non metal materials such as fabric、wood、acylic、paper、denim jeans、sole 、leather、EVA、slipper、PU 、PVC、invitatin card,etc.

    Our customer had bought 2 sets Galvo co2 laser cutting marking 2 in 1 machine.

    Boming laser always develops and offers high quatliy laser cutting machinelaser marking machine to the customer from all over the world and gain their good comments about the laser machine.

Machine Features:of Galvo co2 laser cutting marking 2 in 1 machine

1、Laser marking machine has high accuracy、 fast speed、 long continuous working time and free maintenance,  the engraving depth can be controlled.

2、Can choose the imported or China CO2 RF laser which has good light beam and uniform density of optical power. 

3、It adopts red light positioning system to make the position more accurate, avoiding the waste.

4、The industrial high precision temperature control chiller effectively ensures the stable output of laser and long life time.

5、The light seat can be manually adjusted up and down meeting the requirement of processing 300mm-600mm working area.

Machine Advantage: of laser cutting marking machine

1、The laser marking is non-toxic, non-deformation, non-polluting, wear-resistant;

2、Stable performance, moderate price, the marking depth can be controlled at will, and it can work for a long time.

3、It adopts an integrated design structure and a new light path sealing method, which is generally stable and reliable, and has a beautiful and high-grade appearance.

4、Inherit the maturity and practicability of previous generations of solid-state laser marking machines, and further improve the stability of the whole machine by upgrading the software and control system.

5、 It can mark any information such as graphic logos and texts, and has the characteristics of fine and beautiful marking patterns and wear-resistant.


Machine Applicable Industries:of galvo head laser cutting machine

Craft gift, furniture, leather and garment, Advertising signs, model making, food packaging, 

electronic components, medical packaging, plate making and printing, nameplates, etc.

Machine Applicable Materials: of galvo laser marking machine

Non-metallic materials, such as leather、wood、bamboo ware、organic glass、ceramics、acrylic、stone、denim jeans、sole、EVA、PU、PVC、plastic、marble、jade、crystal、paper、slipper、invitation card, etc.

galvo laser cutting engraving machine for paper

galvo laser cutting paper machine

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