New machine for 4 Head auto feeding laser painting cutting machine Sep 25, 2021

   Recently we develop one new fuction machine,it have laser spray ulue and cutting fuction,it is 

4 Head auto feeding laser painting cutting machine.

   4 Head auto feeding laser painting cutting machine is with 2 spray gun, 4 auto laser head and auto feeding system, suitable for cutting roll to flyknit upper、white air mesh、super fiber leather、high-elastic materials、fur、cloth、sponge、composite materials,etc. Auto feeder is optional. Four heads cutting and four heads spraying are optional.

Machine Advantage: of auto feed laser cutting machine

1、Automatic feeding, whole roll material loading, automatic typesetting, accurate material saving up to 9%;

2、Draw the line first, then cut synchronously, accurate and precise, the product qualification rate is above 99.99;

3、Reduce the process, reduce the moving cost, reduce the loss rate of the line drawing after blanking by 3%;

4、Computerized documentation and intelligent management, reducing the cost of knife molds, and reducing storage space for knife molds;

5、Exempt the film template,Exempt the film, long-term exemption, obvious cost advantage;

6、Reduce workers, simple operation, reduce the requirements for worker ability, and have obvious cost advantages;

7、Automatic feeding, can work continuously for 24 hours, with high efficiency and quality assurance;

8、Reduce machines quantity, reduce occupied space, reduce electricity consumption, and reduce safety hazards.

Machine Features: of shoes laser cutting machine

1.Fast automatic line drawing speed

2.Double-head spray painting, two or four-head cutting

3.The pass rate of automatic line drawing is 99.99%

4.Imported guide rail and transmission belt
One-time typesetting, drawing and cutting at one time

6.Simple operation, no work injury safety hazards



Machine Applicable Materials: of laser cutting machine for roll fabric

All colors (white) mesh, (white) super fiber leather, flyknit upper, high-elastic materials, fur, cloth, sponge, composite materials, etc.

    Our customer had bought 2 sets 4 Head auto feeding laser painting cutting machine.

    Boming laser always develops and offers high quatliy laser cutting machine, laser marking machine to the customer from all over the world and gain their good comments about the laser machine.

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