Laser cut automotive light cushion of the car Jan 09, 2022

According to the experiment, when the outside temperature reaches 35℃ in summer, the temperature 

in the closed carriage can reach 65℃ after 15 minutes of sunlight.  

After sun exposure and UV radiation for a long time, the instrument panel is prone to crack and bulge.  


If you go to the garage repair or replacement, the cost is higher, many people choose to put a light pad on the instrument table, both cover the cracking place, also can prevent the sun exposure to the central console caused continuous damage.  


According to the original car version of the data, 1:1 customized laser cutting sun protection pad, smooth lines, radian fit, just like the original, in physical way to block most of the harmful rays, prolong the service life, give your car intimate protection.  

60d1a25ced2ad.pngInstrument panel is the carrier for installing instrument panel, air conditioner and audio panel, storage box, air bag and other devices. Laser precision cutting light cushion, reserving holes such as the original car horn, audio, air conditioner air outlet, does not affect the use of functions.  


There is another very important reason why many drivers choose laser-cut light protection pads: safety!  Summer sun glare, smooth surface of the dashboard is easy to reflect strong light, resulting in blurred vision, affecting driving safety.  


Laser cutting machine laser high quality cutting, accurate fitting of light protection pad, efficient light protection, effective heat insulation, sun protection, for you to solve the safety hazards in driving, escort for travel!  

laser cutting machine

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