Boming laser laser marking machine for India customer Sep 08, 2021

Thanks for India customer: He support for buying 1 set co2 laser marking machine.


    We have cooperated for 3 years from 2019. They bought many laser cutting machines every year. Also buy many spare parts for laser cutting machine. Whe have good business relationship with each other.


    The laser machine that they buy this time is 1 set co2 laser marking machine,shipped by LCL

    Boming laser always offers high quatliy laser cutting machinelaser marking machine to the customer from all over the world and gain their good comments about the laser machine.

Machine Features:

1、High stability、long continous working time ,clear and complete mark、rich software,All kinds of marks can be collected and produced。
2、Non-contact procession ensures the maximum accuracy of workpiece surface.
3、It is suitable for marking many kinds of materials with clear beautiful mark and permanent retention. It is easy to install and
 maintain the machine.
4、It adopts red light positioning system to make the position more accurate, avoiding the waste.
5、It can be equipped with multi stations conveyor and the machine can be customized.

Machine Advantage:of portable laser marking machine

1. labor-saving, laser marking is permanent, unlike inkjet printer, inkjet printer solvent is therefore easy to apply.

2.green environmental protection, no pollution sources, refuse these pollution sources at the source.In today's environment especially tense process fiber laser marking machine will certainly become the mainstream.

3.easy to use, very small, accept the built-in air cooling mode, different semiconductor laser marking machine equipped with water cooling machine cooling, ice rock laser Co., Ltd., the company developed a variety of portable fiber laser marking machine, easy to transport and place.

4. The higher the power, the better the quality of the beam, the higher the photoelectric conversion rate, the clear logo, to ensure that the pattern is normal for a long time, the light path is closed, the light path is very short, and the waste can be eliminated.

5. the middle power is very low, compared with other laser marking machine,switch,power supply and other parts are less, and the built-in air cooling acceptance, so it can probably run out of power consumption.

6. long service life, very durable, can be used for up to 100,000 hours, compared to CO2 laser marking machine 30,000 hours and semiconductor laser marking machine 10,000 hours, the length of its life black and white often prevail, very appropriate for a long time to work.

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