Boming laser develops new Mixed laser cutting machine Aug 23, 2021

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 Boming laser develops new Mixed laser cutting machine

Boming laser specillizes in CO2 laser cutting machineCO2 laser engraving machineCO2 laser marking machineFiber Laser mark machineUV laser marker machine. All series of laser machine are popular among customers from all over the world due to its high quality and good after sale service.

     Boming laser always committed to the development and research of new products to meet the needs of different customers and adapt to the development of the market.

     With the hard work of the company’s technical staff and new technology development, Boming Laser launched a new generation of Mixed cutting CO2 laser machine for non-metal and materials. It adopts new technology and adds new functions. It is widely used in many materials, such as, wood, acrylic, MDF, plywood, fabric, leather, paper, etc. Also can cut thin metal materials, such as, stainless steel, carbon steel, Galvanized sheet, need to work with Oxygen.

    It has the following advantages:    

1、High precision: high precision servo motor and constant light path system are used to achieve the ideal cutting effect;

2High stability: It is controlled by a numerical control system, which can meet the requirements of precision parts processing, with high stability and continuous work for a long time;

3Wide range of applications: can cut metal and non-metal materials, suitable for use in multiple industries;

4The cutting section effect is good: the mechanical cutting head follow-up system is adopted, so that the cutting head can follow the height of the metal plate, and the position of the cutting point is always kept unchanged, so that the cutting seam is smooth and clear, and the effect of clear section is good;

5Easy to operate: simple to operate, support CDR, CAD direct original image input and output.

    It adopts high precision linear guide rail to assure that the moving has high precision. Also use Ruida control system. It is mainly used in acrylic, wood processing industries.

mixed laser cutting machine

mixed co2 laser engraving cutting machine

mixed laser cutter

mixing laser cutting machine

mixing co2 laser cutting machine


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