Working Attention and Maintenance precautions of co2 laesr cutter Mar 12, 2021

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Working Attention of co2 laser cutter engraver machine:

1. Connect the right wire (big red positive wire and small red negetive wire) in right position of the laser tube (check installation pictures).

2. Connect the right water pipe (long one is water inlet pipe; short one is the water outlet pipe: light emiting side) in the right position of laser tube. The water inlet pipe is on the bottom, the water outlet pipe is in the top.

3. Connect water pipe in right port of the chiller and laser machine. Chiller inlet port connect machine outlet port, chiller outlet port connect machine inlet port (check installation pictures).

4. Connect the air pipe in the air pump.

5. Connect the air blower on the laser machine.(Cut the airhose into two pieces: short one and long one. The short one connect laser machine and air blower. The long tone connect the air blower and lead into ourdoor.)

6. Turn on the chiller before working. Make sure that there is no water bubles in the laser tube and the water is full of laesr tube. The water pipe isn’t been folded and the water can flow freely. If the chiller has’t been turned on, there is no water in the laser tube, then the laser tube will break within several minutes. Change water after some time.

7. Turn on air pump before working. If the air pump isn’t on. The focus lens inside the laesr head will break within seveal minutes. Clean the lens and mirrors everyday.

8. Turn on the air blower before working. If the air blower hasn’t been turned on, and the empty area has been covered by pape board, the smoke can’t be sucked. Clean the air blower after some time.

9. Need to check the light parth to see if the light can shoot streight.



1. The machine works on 220V. If the voltage is different, please use transformer to covert the voltge into 220V.

2. If the power is not stable,please connect the laser machine in the power stablizer.

3. Please connect the ground wire according to the standard specification.



Maintenance precautions of laser cut engrave machine


1. Inject lubricating oil into the guide rail, 1 time/15 days

2. Guide rail cleaning, 1 time/1 day

3. Focus lens cleaning, 1 time/1 day

4. Reflective Mirror cleaning, 1 time/1 day

5. Change chiller Water (purified water), 1 time / 15 days

6. Air blower dust cleaning, 1 time/7 days


Focusing lens and mirror are not guaranteed



1.  After the focusing lens is cleaned with alcohol, it will not work for 2 minutes to avoid the lens breakage caused by the water droplets after the alcohol is cleaned;

2.  When the laser machine working, no one is allowed to put his hands into the working area;

3.  When the machine is working, someone must guard it to prevent materials from catching fire;

4.  When connecting to air compressor, a dryer must be equipped and there must be no water in the air.


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