What is the Features of Oscillatting Knife Cutting Machine Mar 05, 2022

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What is the Features of Oscillatting Knife Cutting Machine

1. The multi-axis and multi-channel automatic control system imported from overseas is applied, which has the characteristics of high reflection, high anti-interference and high reliability;

2. The special tool head is integrated. Time-saving and labor-saving replacement and purchase of special tool heads with different functions for the vibrating knife cutting machine can be done according to the actual work target and business scope expansion;

3. The vibrating knife cutting machine uses a DC servo motor to drive the ball screw, which is linked with the computer. It can preset and store the knife depth and knife pressure according to different needs. It saves time and effort to do a good job in intelligent system adjustment, and completely solves the difficulty that the pneumatic pressure cannot be stabilized with the change of average temperature and time;

4. The controller is upgraded to an integrated circuit chip controller with excellent performance, which can be interconnected with any general computer (including notebook computers), without the need to install a professional high-end computer. Completely eliminating the hemiplegia difficulty of previous professional cutting equipment caused by common computer problems ;

5. Taking into account the actual environment factors of customers, the anti-interference ability touch screen is specially equipped, which is not easy to be affected by the surrounding electronic device during work, and the screen will not flicker;

6. The api interface is a network cable port. The vibrating knife cutting machine can be remotely controlled, upgraded and maintained. The transmission speed is fast and the distance is long. It can be transferred with several computers at the same time. Compared with the serial communication, parallel port and PCl socket, it is better to save time and effort.

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