What is the advantages of UV laser marking machine Nov 23, 2021

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  What is the advantages of UV laser marking machine

    After years of development and improvement, the UV laser marking machine is no stranger to us. Some people have heard of it, and some people know its use. However, it is difficult to know what advantages the UV laser marking machine has. His shortcomings are even more difficult to know. From this article, you can clearly understand the specific advantages of the UV laser marking machine, instead of piecemeal understanding.

1. No need for consumables, not easy to be erased

     The Ultraviolet laser marking machine does not need consumables in marking, but forms pattern text through physical or chemical reaction with the product, which is difficult to be erased.

2. Micron mark, fast speed

    The UV laser marking machine has fine markings, the deviation rate can reach micron level, the marking line can be adjusted to less than or equal to 10 microns, and it can be used as a nano laser for tuning and engraving 100 I love you. Marking on plastics at a marking speed of 7000mm/s, five normal-sized characters can be marked in only 3s.

3. Cold laser marking, little thermal influence

    The Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a wavelength of 355nm, which belongs to cold laser technology. It performs cold processing on products, especially in marking plastics and other materials. In the case of small thermal influence, the quality of processing will also be greatly improved and improved.

4. Long life, stable performance, maintenance-free

    The life of the UV laser marking machine can reach 70,000 hours without maintenance, and the theoretical life can reach 100,000 hours. After the predetermined period of use, the light will become weak, reminding the need to replace the laser. You don't need consumables throughout your life, you only need to switch on the power supply, which reduces the maintenance cost in the later period. The power of the whole machine is determined according to the power of the UV laser marking machine. It is generally between 500w and 1000w in the working state. The working performance is stable, and there will be no deviation or unclear marking after adjustment.

5. Powerful function

Rotary marking, assembly line marking, internal and external marking, etc. can be carried out according to customer needs, which can realize automatic work. The marking software has good compatibility, supports mainstream image formats, and can directly use SHX and TTF fonts.

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