What difference between Co2, UV and fiber laser marking machine? Dec 11, 2021

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What difference between Co2, UV and fiber laser marking machine? 

    The first is the difference in lasers. From their names, you can tell at a glance which laser they use. For example, fiber laser marking machines use fiber lasers. By analogy, We should all know the laser used in carbon dioxide laser marking machines and the UV laser marking machine . These are more fundamental and more potential differences.

    The next thing is that their laser wavelengths are different. They all have their own laser wavelengths. The specific values are written on the Internet, which is very clear.

    In addition, their application fields are different. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is suitable for non-metallic materials; fiber laser marking machine for metal engraving, and some non-metallic materials; UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marker machine are about the same, for these types of plastics, its damage is very low. Relatively speaking, the application fields of UV laser marker machine will be more.

mini co2 laser marking machine with camera

rotary fiber laser marking machine

uv laser cutting machines

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