The Knowledge of UV laser marking machine Jan 07, 2022

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The Knowledge of UV laser marking machine

    The basic principle of UV laser marking machine is similar to the principle of other marking machines, and it is developed by UV laser. Compared with infrared lasers, because of its small spot and small focusing effect, the marking effect is better. It can effectively reduce the deformation of the material, and is more suitable for marking some fine products, such as food and medical products, and can also engrave glass materials.

    Because of the unique low-power beam, the UV laser marker machine is very suitable for processing some small products, such as cosmetics, medicines and some small packaging. The marking speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the effect is good, the marking is very clear, the original product will not be damaged, and there is no pollution, so it is also suitable for building materials.

   This is a newly developed laser marking machine, which has been improved in many aspects. It is a cold working mode, and the effect of the processed products will be better. It is also a high-energy molecule of ultraviolet photons. During the marking process, the contact between the molecule and the material is separated, and the damage to the material is reduced. So it is gradually accepted and liked by people.

jpt laser marking machine

3w ultraviolet laser marking machine for glass acrlic


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