Apparel garment Panoramic camera Auto feeding laser cutting machine Nov 08, 2021

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Apparel garment Panoramic camera Auto feeding laser cutting machine

     Due to COVID-19 spreading in the world and the situation is still serious, the economy is recovering slowly in foreign countries. The textile and garment manufacturer in China get many orders from abroad, so the market needs many laser cutting machine for the fabric cutting.

    During many models of the laser cutter, the panoramic camera laser cutter is a suitble one for the fabric patterns cutting. It has the following functions:

1. The camera automatically scan the printed pattern contour quickly;

2. No requirement for the drawing-making in advance;

3. Auto feeding the whole roll fabric;

4. The pattern cutting contour can be adjusted (expanding or narrowing) easily;

5. The 24.1 mega pixel high-resolution camera guarantees the accuracy of scanning pattern;

6. Biaxial cutting not only adapts to patterns of different shapes, but also ensures the accuracy of splicing;

7. Working with Auto Feeder can achieve the continous cutting the roll to roll fabric, improving the working efficiency.

8. Different working area can be chosen, such as 1610 1612 1614 1810 1812 1814 1816; single axis, double axis is optional; 2 head, 4 head is optional.

   The big camera laser cut machine can make the edges of the fabric smooth and free of thread when cutting. At the same time, it can realize double-head asynchronous cutting of graphics in different parts, different sizes and irregularities of various garment fabrics in the same frame.

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