Daily maintenance attention of laser cutting engraving machine Mar 12, 2021

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Daily maintenance attention of co2 laser cutter

The machine’s stable normal working is tightly relative to the proper operation and daily maintenance. The following content is about the laser cutting machine daily maintenance:

1. Water changing and chiller cleaning ( The suggestion is cleaning the water tank and changing recycling water once a week.)

Attention: Be sure that the laser tube is full of water before machine working.

The quality and temperature of recycling water directly affects the life of laser tube, we suggest that you use purify water and keep the water temperature under 35. If the temperature is over 35, you need to change the recycling water or put ice inside.(We suggest that you choose chiller or use two water tank.)

Clean water tank: Switch off the power first, remove the water pipe of inlet, let the water inside the glass tube flow into the water tank automatically. Open the water tank, take out the pump, clean the dirt in the pump. After cleaning the water tank and changing the recycling water, put the pump back to the water tank, join the water pipe in the inlet and tight all the joints. Switch on the pump and run 2-3 minutes to make the glass tube full of recycling water)

2. Clean the air blower

After long time use, the air blower is filled with much dust inside making much noise, it is also not good for the air exhaust and smell removal. When seeing the air blower is Insufficient suction and can’t disperse the smoke quickly, you switch off the power, remove the air pipe in the blower, clean the dust inside, then make it stand upside down and rotate  the blade till it is clean, then install the air blower.

3. Clean the lens (Suggest that cleaning the lens before working everyday and switch off the machine.)

In the former introduction, we know that there are 3 reflectors and 1 focus lens (No.1 reflector locates in lighting place of laser tube, left corner of machine; No.2 reflector locates in the left side of guide rail beam; No.3 reflector locates in the top the laser head; the reflector is in the down part of laser head, inside the adjustable body of laser head.) The laser emits from the laser head after the lens’ reflection and focusing. The lens are easily stained with dust or other contaminant making the wastage of laser and the damage of lens. It doesn’t need to take out the No.1 and No.2 reflector when cleaning, only need to use the wiping paper which has cleaning fluid to clean carefully the lens in the order of rotary wiping from the center to the edge. You need to take out the No.3 reflector and the focus lens, use the above method to clean, then install them in the original place after finishing cleaning.

Attention: Wipe the lens carefully, without damaging the coating film of the surface; handle with care during wiping, without falling down; keep the concave side of focus lens downward.


4. Clean the guide rail (Suggest that cleaning the guide rail every half month and switch off the machine.)

The guide rail and straight axis are the core components of the machine, their function is guiding and supporting. To achieve the high precision of machine processing, the guide rail and straight axis need to have higher guiding accuracy and excellent working stability. There are much dust and smoke generated from the processing items during machine working which deposit in the surface of guide rail and straight axis affecting the processing precision and form the corrosion spot in the their surface shortening machine lifetime. In order to make machine work stably and guarantee product quality, the guide rail and straight axis need to be maintained daily.


5. Fasten the screw and coupling

After the machine works a period of time, the screw and coupling in the joints will become loose affecting the stability of mechanical motion, so you need to check if there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomenon of transmission parts during machine working, if finding some problems, you need to fasten and repair in time. At the same time, you need to use tool to fasten the screw one by one after a period of time, the first time fastening should be done about one month after machine working


6. Check the optical path

The optical path of laser engraving machine is consist of reflector’s reflection and focus lens’ focusing, the focus lens doesn’t shift in the optical path, but the three reflectors are fixed by the mechanical parts, it has higher possibility of shifting although there is no shifting under normal conditions, we suggest that you check the optical system before working every time.


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